PSEO Advisement & Registration

Your advisement and registration appointment will take place with the PSEO Advisor. The PSEO Advisor has your best interest in mind and they will recommend courses that fulfill your high school requirements. Additionally, you will discuss UMD resources and answer any questions you may have.

Transcripts from all high schools, colleges, and universities you've attended are required even if the course is also listed on your high school transcript: These transcripts will be used for advisement and to verify prerequisites for UMD courses.

Choosing courses: You will be meeting with a PSEO adviser to finalize and register for your classes. Most PSEO students take 1000 level courses from the List of UMD Lib Ed Courses. Consult your high school counselor or your Balance Sheet if you have questions about your high school graduation requirements.

  • PSEO students are the last students to register for classes.
  • List of equivalent UMD courses commonly taken by PSEO students.
  • We aren't able to guarantee that there will be open seats in any class.
  • If you need a particular course, you should be willing to register in any open section of the course, register for the wait list if the course is closed, or email the instructor for permission to register in a closed class.
  • If you are unwilling to arrange your schedule to accommodate the available open classes, you may have a poor chance of getting into the courses you need for graduation.
  • You will make final course selections and register with the help of your adviser during your scheduled AR session, but you can do a Class Search from their MyU Page to see if the classes/times you want are open or available. MyU - Academics - Class Search.

Course Limitations:

  • PSEO students may not take music lessons, some physical education courses, and other courses with course fees over $8.50.
  • PSEO students are limited to registration in one online course per term with permission from the PSEO adviser.
  • PSEO may take some art or computer design classes, but must pay for all supplies required for the course except the books. (Art kits, software packages)
  • Micro and Macro Economics classes have prerequisites of 15 credits.
  • PSEO students may not participate in study abroad programs.
  • PSEO students will be placed in UMD math courses based on their ACT math scores or completion of prerequisite math courses.

Course Load: Full-time students may take from 12 - 15 credits in their first semester of registration; with exemplary performance in the program, this may increase to 16 or 18 credits for returning students only.

PSEO students should take advantage of the services offered at the UMD Learning Commons located on the second floor of the UMD Library.

Student ID Cards: Students must present a current photo ID to obtain UMD identification cards (U Cards). PSEO students are not allowed to use their U Cards to charge items at the UMD bookstore.

UMD Tours: Schedule a UMD campus tour online.

Books:  PSEO students are not able to order textbooks and must get them directly from the UMD Bookstore. Students will select their books from the shelves and take them, along with their enrollment summary and their U Card, to the Department Charge Desk in the middle of the store to charge their books to the UMD PSEO program. Students MUST return their books to the PSEO office by the last day of final exam week at UMD. If students do not return their textbooks, a hold will be placed on their records and they will be charged for the textbooks.

Parking: Parking permits may be purchased from the UMD Parking Services office depending on availability. Students may also park in Lot G - the Public Parking lot.

Lockers: UMD provides storage lockers for students at a minimal cost.

Housing: PSEO students are not eligible for on-campus housing . Information about available off-campus housing can be obtained from the Kirby Student Center website. It is the student's responsibility to arrange housing.

Grades: Grades are posted approximately two weeks after the end of each semester. An unofficial transcript will be sent to the high school counselor shortly thereafter. An incomplete in a course is unacceptable. Students may access grades online and may send their unofficial transcript to their high school counselor also.

Health Service: Students can elect to pay a fee to use the UMD Health Services facility. You will need your parent's permission on a release form.

Counseling Services: Contact Counseling Services for information.

Recreational Sports Passes: In order to use these facilities, PSEO students are required to purchase a Rec Sports pass.

Disability Services: Contact Disability Services and Resources.