Services and resources

PSEO students have a variety of resources available to them. Some items will include an out of pocket expense.

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U Card

For information on how to get your U Card and all of its added benefits visit the U Card website.

The U Card is the official UMD identification card and your key to a number of services and discounts. PSEO students who are enrolled in at least one class at the University of Minnesota Duluth are eligible for a U Card.

If you opt into Campus Cash, Dining Dollars, or a Commuter Meal Plan they will be added to your U Card to be used on the UMD campus.

Transportation and parking

Parking permits, meters and Park Duluth signs

Parking permits must be purchased in-person from the UMD Parking Services Office in Kirby Plaza (located right inside the Bus Hub entrance and next to UMD Stores).
PSEO students can purchase either a Maroon Permit or White Permit.

Metered parking is available across campus. Pay with quarters, credit/debit card, or through the Park Duluth App where appropriate. The Park Duluth App allows you to extend your meter from your phone. 
See current rates for permits, meters and Park Duluth.

Lot G (Public pay lot)

Charges and payment to park in the public pay lot is similar to parking in a ramp. For example, there is typically free parking for minimal time parked in the lot or ramp.  At UMD it is free to park in the Public Pay Lot for up to 30 min. See current rates for Lot G (Public pay lot).

Bus pass

PSEO students can purchase a semester Bus Pass from the UMD Parking Services Office in Kirby Plaza (located right inside the Bus Hub entrance and next to UMD Stores). Contact UMD Parking Services at 218-726-7433 or [email protected] for current rates.


Bookstore and course materials

All mandatory course materials are covered by the PSEO program. If a course lists optional course materials those will not be covered by the PSEO program but can be purchased by the student out of pocket.

Prior to the beginning of each semester the PSEO office will email dates when PSEO students should visit the UMD Bookstore to pick up their course materials.  

Obtain course materials

  • Print list of textbooks and course materials needed from MyU
    • Use the MyU portal to find your materials: Using a computer navigate to MyU and log-in with your UMD ID and password.
    • Click on the grey “Academics” tab on the left-hand side.
    • Your class schedule will appear in the center of the screen. Choose a date on the calendar when classes are in session.
    • Click on “Textbooks-UMD,” this imports your class information.
    • Print this page to bring to the bookstore.
  • Bring printed textbook and course material list to the lower level bookstore, department charge counter.
  • Introduce yourself as a PSEO student and show U Card.

Digital materials

Some courses require digital materials. Digital materials are available on the first day of the course within your Canvas site.  

You will receive an email about the digital materials, if any of your registered courses require access to digital materials. This email will also specify that there is a charge to access the materials. For PSEO students, this charge is redirected to the PSEO Office after a few business days, so you will not owe a balance for any digital materials.

If you would like the digital materials in print, there is an option to get the materials in loose leaf at the Bookstore.



UMD provides storage lockers for students at a minimal cost. Information about lockers can be found here.

Recreational Sports passes

  • PSEO students can purchase a UMD Non-SSF Paying Students pass which covers the Health and Wellness facility and pool.
  • Additional fees are required for all who are interested in roped climbing and group fitness classes.
  • Costs can be found on the RSOP website.

Disability Resources

PSEO students may connect with the Disability Resources office for a variety of reasons.  Listed below are the most commonly requested accommodations.

  • Test accommodations: extended time or quiet environment
  • Reading accommodations: audio books, e-text, text to speech software
  • Note taking accommodations
  • Interpreting
  • Accessible technology
  • Housing & dining accommodations

To get started you will need to schedule a 45-60 minute welcome meeting.

Dining Services

Block Meal Plan

PSEO students can purchase a block meal plan by visiting the Dining website or the U Card office. Dining plans can be used at Superior Dining, Plaza Food Court, and Northern Shores Coffee Shop.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are funds loaded onto your U Card and can be used to purchase meals or grab and go items at Superior Dining, the Plaza Food Court, Center Court, and Northern Shores Coffee Shop. Dining dollars expire at the end of the academic school year and do not extend into summer.